Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–2020. Refunds.

(a) Any tax that has been erroneously or illegally collected shall be refunded if application under oath is filed with the Mayor for such refund within 3 years from the payment thereof. For like cause and within the same period a refund may be made upon the certificates of the Mayor and the Collector. Whenever a refund is made upon the certificates of the Mayor and the Collector, the Mayor and Collector shall state their reasons therefor in writing. Such application may be made by the person upon whom such tax was imposed and who has actually paid the tax. When an application is made by a vendor who has collected reimbursement of such tax, no actual refund of monies shall be made to such vendor, until he shall first establish to the satisfaction of the Mayor, under such regulations as the Mayor may prescribe, that the vendor has repaid to the purchaser the amount for which the application for refund is made. In lieu of any refund required to be made, a credit may be allowed therefor on payment due from the applicant.

(b) Credit may be taken against gross sales taxable under this chapter for amounts represented by accounts found to be worthless and actually charged off for income or franchise tax purposes; provided, however, that:

(1) The tax on such amounts has been previously paid to the District;

(2) Any such amounts so deducted from taxable sales prior to the date of write-off which may be thereafter collected shall be included in the first return filed after such collection and the amounts of tax paid thereon;

(3) Such amounts may not be deducted more than 3 years after the payment of the tax on such amounts; and

(4) In the event such amounts exceed the taxable sales for the reporting period, a refund may be applied for under subsection (a) of this section.

(c) Application for a refund or credit made as herein provided shall be deemed an application for a revision of any tax, penalty, or interest complained of and the Mayor may receive evidence with respect thereto. After making his determination of whether any refund shall be made, the Mayor shall give notice thereof to the applicant.

(d) Repealed.