Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–2303. Importer’s license; application contents; bond; issuance; revocation.

(a) No person shall bring into, or produce, refine, manufacture, or compound in the District of Columbia motor vehicle fuel to be used by him or to be sold, bartered, delivered for value, or exchanged for goods, and no person shall engage in the business of importer of motor vehicle fuels in the District of Columbia unless such person is the holder of an unrevoked license authorizing him so to do issued by the Mayor. The application for such license shall contain (1) the name of the applicant, (2) the name under which the applicant intends to transact business and the name and place of business of the local representative, (3) the location of the applicant’s place of business, (4) the date such business was established, and (5) any other information required under regulations promulgated by the Council of the District of Columbia. In case the applicant is a corporation, the application shall also contain the corporate name, place, and time of incorporation, and the names of the officers and directors, and, if a foreign corporation, the name of its resident general agent, and in case the applicant is a partnership the names and addresses of the several persons constituting the partnership. Such application shall be signed and sworn to by the owner of such business, if owned by an individual; by the partners, if owned by a partnership; or by the president and secretary of the corporation, or by its manager or resident general agent, if owned by a corporation. At the time of applying for such license the applicant shall file with the Mayor of the District of Columbia a bond in the form to be prescribed by the Mayor, in the approximate sum of 3 times the average monthly motor fuel tax due from said such importer during the next preceding 12 months, or estimated to be so due in the next succeeding 12 months, to be executed by a surety company duly licensed to do business under the laws of the District of Columbia, payable to the District of Columbia and conditioned upon the prompt payment of any and all taxes and penalties, levied and imposed in § 47-2301 and this section to the Collector of Taxes of the District of Columbia, and generally upon faithful compliance with the terms of §§ 47-2301 to 47-2315 by such importer; provided, that in no case shall such bond be less than $5,000 nor more than $100,000.

(b) Upon filing such application and bond, the Assessor shall issue to such applicant a license which shall authorize the applicant to engage in the business of importer of motor vehicle fuels for 1 year unless such license is sooner revoked.

(c) If any importer fails, refuses, or neglects to file the monthly report, or to pay the tax within the time required by this subchapter, the Mayor shall promptly notify the importer and the bonding company by notice sent by registered mail or by certified mail to such importer requiring him to show cause why the license should not be revoked. If in the opinion of the Assessor the importer fails within 10 days after the mailing of such notice to show that failure to file the monthly report or to pay the tax as the case may be within the time required was due to accident or justifiable oversight, the Assessor shall forthwith revoke such license. Any importer whose license has been revoked shall not be issued another license for 12 months following the date of said revocation.

(d) Before any person whose license has been revoked may obtain another license to engage in the business of importer of motor vehicle fuels, such person shall pay all delinquent taxes and penalties due hereunder remaining unpaid by him.