Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–503. Disposition of excess money; collection of federal revenue; submission of budget estimates.

If, for any fiscal year, the District of Columbia should raise and deposit in the Treasury to its credit, more money derived from taxation, privileges, and other sources authorized in this chapter than may be necessary for the purposes therein, such excess shall be available the succeeding year, in the discretion of the Council of the District of Columbia, either for the purpose of meeting the expense chargeable to the District of Columbia and/or for the further purpose of enabling the Council to fix a lower rate of taxation for the year following the one in which said excess accrued than it might otherwise be able to do; and the agencies through which the District of Columbia collects its revenue derived from taxation shall also collect for the United States any revenues which by § 47-502 become the sole property of the United States, and said revenues shall be deposited in the Treasury of the United States as “miscellaneous receipts”; and the Mayor of the District of Columbia shall not be restricted in submitting to the Office of Management and Budget his estimates of the needs of the District, but he shall, as near as may be, bring them within the probable aggregate of the fixed proportionate appropriations to be paid by the United States and the District of Columbia.