Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–823. Assessments — Preliminary roll; public inspections and copying of material; sales ratio studies; listing of assessed values.

(a)(1) The Mayor shall compile the estimated assessment roll and, for every property, indicate at least the following: the name of the owner; address of the property; lot and square; assessed value; and whether the property is taxable or exempt.

(2) The roll shall also include the total aggregate estimated assessed value of all real property, listing the values of the properties by class as set forth in § 47-813.

(3) The Mayor shall transmit to the Council, no later than May 15 of each fiscal year, a mid-year financial report. The report shall contain:

(A) Schedules which reflect actual obligations for the General Fund object classes of the District government for the first 6 months of the fiscal and a forecast of full-year obligations compared to the most recent Congressionally-approved budget;

(B) A comparison of the most recent Congressionally-approved budget to the mid-year forecast for the full fiscal year by appropriations title and agency; and

(C) A schedule of revenue estimates for the full fiscal year comparing the current approved revenue estimates to revenue estimates revised as of the end of the first 6 months of the fiscal year.

(b) The estimated assessment roll, together with all maps, field books, assessment-sales ratio studies, surveys, and plats, shall be open to public inspection during normal business hours. In addition, any notes and memorandums relating to the assessment of his real property, or a statement clearly indicating the basis upon which his real property has been assessed, shall be open to inspection by the owner or his designated representative during normal business hours. Provision shall be made to furnish copies of all material to any person, upon request, at the lowest charge which covers cost of making such copies.

(c) The Mayor shall undertake, publish, and otherwise publicize the results of assessment-sales ratio studies for different types of real property for the entire District and for different types of real property within each of the districts utilized in making assessments. If, for a given year, adequate sales data are lacking for particular studies, the Mayor shall so indicate.

(d) The Mayor shall, either himself or in a newspaper of general circulation, publish a listing of the assessed value of each property by address, lot, and square, and he shall also make such listing available at the main Public Library in the District and at such other points as he may determine. Such publication can be by neighborhood areas so long as maps showing the assessment areas are generally available.

(e) The estimated assessment roll, sales price information, description of each property, owner’s mailing address, property use information, valuation history, other information in the public record, and information not made confidential in this chapter may be published by the Mayor by any form of electronic media, including the Internet.