Code of the District of Columbia

§ 47–857.03. Tax abatements for new residential developments — Tax abatement for all new housing projects downtown.

Subject to § 47-857.02, there shall be allowed as an abatement of the real property tax imposed by § 47-811 on an eligible real property in eligible area #1 an amount computed as follows: $0.81 per residential FAR square foot, multiplied by the building’s total residential FAR square footage as certified by the project architect and the Mayor; provided, that:

(1) If a project does not use concrete construction throughout the building or does not include underground parking, the per residential FAR square foot tax abatement shall be determined by the Mayor and shall be determined so that the total tax abatement is estimated to be equal to 45% of the difference between the residential real property tax imposed on the project by § 47-811 before and after development.

(2) The tax abatement for an eligible real property allowed by this section shall expire at the end of the 10th tax year after the tax year in which a certificate of occupancy is issued for the property.

(3) If, during a tax year for which the tax abatement is authorized by this section, the property for which the abatement was granted contains fewer than 10 dwelling units, the abatement shall not be allowed.