Code of the District of Columbia

§ 49–432. Military corporations; establishment, membership, purpose, and powers.

(a) The officers, the enlisted personnel, or the officers and enlisted personnel of an organization or unit of the District of Columbia National Guard (“DCNG”), may organize themselves into a military corporation for social purposes and for the purpose of holding, acquiring, and disposing of those funds, goods, or property as such military organizations may possess or acquire. The military corporation shall not engage in business and shall not be required to pay any filing or license fee to the District. A military corporation may include:

(1) Enlisted, officer, or all-ranks clubs;

(2) Family support groups;

(3) Auxiliary organizations;

(4) Service branch organizations;

(5) Battalion, brigade, company or unit fund organizations; and

(6) Other such organizations that provide support to personnel and their families.

(b) A military corporation may raise funds and provide services, if retained funds are used for unit or company support or for other charitable purposes.

(c) A military corporation may use armory or DCNG facilities if there is no expense to the District government. When any area of the armory or DCNG facilities is used, the District and the DCNG shall have access to that area as needed or practical, and the use of that area by the military corporation is not exclusive.

(d) Any sale of alcoholic beverages shall conform to the limitations of sales under other provisions of District law, except that sales within the unit, and not-for-profit, do not require licensing by the District.

(e) The Adjutant General and the Mayor shall coordinate and make provisions to standardize applications for incorporation. No incorporation may be made under this article without the approval of the Adjutant General and the District Judge Advocate. All accounts and documents of a military corporation organized under this subchapter shall be available for inspection and review by the Adjutant General.

(f) The Commanding General of the DCNG shall have authority to issue rules and regulations regarding the operations, authority to receive donations make expenditures of military corporations established under this section.