Code of the District of Columbia

§ 5–113.01. Records — Required.

(a) The Mayor of the District of Columbia shall cause the Metropolitan Police force to keep the following records:

(1) General complaint files, in which shall be entered every complaint preferred upon personal knowledge of the circumstances thereof, with the name and residence of the complainant;

(2) Records of lost, missing, or stolen property;

(3) A personnel record of each member of the Metropolitan Police force, which shall contain his name and residence; the date and place of his birth; his marital status; the date he became a citizen, if foreign born; his age; his former occupation; and the dates of his appointment and separation from office, together with the cause of the latter;

(4) Arrest books, which shall contain the following information:

(A) Case number, date of arrest, and time of recording arrest in arrest book;

(B) Name, address, date of birth, color, birthplace, occupation, and marital status of person arrested;

(C) Offense with which person arrested was charged and place where person was arrested;

(D) Name and address of complainant;

(E) Name of arresting officer; and

(F) Disposition of case;

(4A) The Metropolitan Police force shall maintain a computerized record of a civil protection order or bench warrant issued as a result of an intrafamily offense;

(4B) Records of stops, including:

(A) The date, location, and time of the stop;

(B) The approximate duration of the stop;

(C) The traffic violation or violations alleged to have been committed that led to the stop;

(D) Whether a search was conducted as a result of the stop;

(E) If a search was conducted:

(i) The reason for the search;

(ii) Whether the search was consensual or nonconsensual;

(iii) Whether a person was searched, and whether a person’s property was searched; and

(iv) Whether any contraband or other property was seized in the course of the search;

(F) Whether a warning, safety equipment repair order, or citation was issued as a result of a stop and the basis for issuing such warning, order, or citation;

(G) Whether an arrest was made as a result of either the stop or the search;

(H) If an arrest was made, the crime charged;

(I) The gender of the person stopped;

(J) The race or ethnicity of the person stopped; and

(K) The date of birth of the person stopped.

(4C) Use of force incidents, including:

(A) The total number of use of force incidents and the type of force used;

(B) The total number of officers involved in each use of force incident;

(C) The total number of persons involved in each use of force incident;

(D) The number of civilian complaints filed with the Metropolitan Police Department for excessive use of force, by police district, and the outcome of each complaint, including disciplinary actions;

(E) If an arrest was made, the crime charged;

(F) The gender, race, age, and ethnicity of each person involved in a use of force incident; and

(G) The gender, race, age, and ethnicity of any officer involved in a use force incident; and

(4D) For the purposes of this section, the terms "contact", "frisk", and "stop" shall have the meanings ascribed in Metropolitan Police Department General Order 304.10; and

(5) Such other records as the Council of the District of Columbia considers necessary for the efficient operation of the Metropolitan Police force.

(b) The Metropolitan Police force shall cooperate with the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council by sharing records to the extent otherwise permissible under the law for the purpose of preparing the report described in § 22-4234(b-3).