Code of the District of Columbia

§ 5–1431.02. Composition of the Committee; procedural requirements.

(a) The Mayor shall appoint one representative from each of the following District agencies:

(1) The Office of the Attorney General;

(2) The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner;

(3) The Metropolitan Police Department;

(4) The Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement;

(5) The Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants;

(6) The Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department;

(7) The Department of Behavioral Health;

(8) The Department of Human Services;

(9) The Department of Health; and

(10) The District of Columbia Housing Authority.

(b) The Mayor shall invite members from federal, judicial, and private agencies or entities with relevant expertise in homicide or suicide cases, to include one representative from each of the following:

(1) The Superior Court of the District of Columbia;

(2) The Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia; and

(3) The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency.

(c) The Mayor shall additionally appoint the following members in accordance with § 1-523.01(f):

(1) One representative from each hospital located in the District;

(2) Two representatives from organizations providing hospital-based violence intervention programs;

(3) Two representatives from organizations providing mental and behavioral health services;

(4) One representative from a college or university within the District conducting research in homicide and suicide prevention;

(5) One representative from an organization providing services to secondary victims of homicide or suicide; and

(6) Three community members who are not District government employees.

(d)(1) Members appointed pursuant to subsections (a) and (b) of this section shall serve at the pleasure of the Mayor, or of the entity designating their availability for appointment.

(2) Members appointed pursuant to subsection (c) of this section shall serve a 3-year term and may be removed by the Mayor for cause. Vacancies in membership shall be filled in the same manner in which the original appointment was made.

(e) The Committee shall select a Chairperson according to procedures set forth by the Committee.

(f) The Committee shall establish quorum and other procedural requirements as it considers necessary.

(g) No member appointed pursuant to subsection (c) of this section shall serve in a hold-over capacity for longer than 180 days after the expiration of the term to which they were appointed.

(h) The Committee may invite other stakeholders to attend or present at any relevant portion of a Committee meeting.