Code of the District of Columbia

§ 50–2506.01. Employees.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Unit A of Chapter 14 of Title 2, each qualified District resident applicant for a position within the Authority shall receive an additional 10-point preference over a qualified non-District resident applicant unless the applicant declines the preference. This 10-point preference shall be in addition to, and not instead of, qualifications established for the position. All persons hired after February 6, 2008, shall submit proof of residency upon employment in a manner determined by the Board of Directors. An applicant claiming the hiring preference under this section shall agree in writing to maintain bona fide District residency for a period of 7 consecutive years from the effective date of hire and shall provide proof of such residency annually to the director of personnel for the Authority for the first 7 years of employment. Failure to maintain District residency for the consecutive 7-year period shall result in forfeiture of employment. The Authority shall submit to the Mayor and Council annual reports detailing the names of all new employees and their pay schedules, titles, and place of residence.