Code of the District of Columbia

§ 7–2814. Collection of fines and fees.

(a) All fines, collateral and fees collected pursuant to this chapter shall be paid into the General Fund of the District of Columbia.

(b) A fine or collateral is due and payable under this chapter upon default or a finding at trial in favor of the District or upon the failure of a person to answer a notice of violation within 15 days as provided in § 7-2812(e).

(c) Failure of a person to pay a fine or collateral when due shall cause such fine or collateral to be due and payable in twice the original amount not to exceed $300.

(d) The District of Columbia shall have a lien upon any amount due and payable as a fine or collateral pursuant to this chapter. However, no such lien shall be effective unless: (1) the District shall have filed in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds of the District of Columbia, in a docket provided for such liens, a written statement containing the name and address of the violator and the date and approximate place of the violation; and (2) the District shall have given notice of the filing of such lien to the violator. Thereafter, the District is authorized to file suit in the amount of its lien.