Code of the District of Columbia

§ 8–233.05. Immunity from liability; confidential information.

(a) Notwithstanding the provisions of Chapter 45 of Title 28, a producer or producers and a representative organization may negotiate, enter into agreements with, share the burdens of their operation with, and conduct business with each other in accordance with this subchapter in ways that may affect competition. No producer or representative organization shall be prosecuted, held liable, or subject to penalties or damages under Chapter 45 of Title 28 for actions conducted in accordance with this subchapter.

(b) Financial, production, and sales data reported to the Mayor by a producer or representative organization shall not be subject to disclosure under subchapter II of Chapter 5 of Title 2 [§ 2-531 et seq.] or any other law or regulation; provided, that the Mayor may release a summary form of the data that does not disclose individual producer information.