Code of the District of Columbia

§ 9–401.10. Assessments for costs of paving streets.

(a) The half cost of the paving or repaving of a roadway between the side thereof and the center thereof with sheet asphalt, asphalt block, granite block, vitrified block, cement concrete, bituminous concrete, macadam, or other form of pavement shall be assessed against the property abutting the side of the street so improved, such assessments to be levied and collected as provided on September 1, 1916, as to alleys and sidewalks; provided, that the advertisement by publication of the intention of the Mayor of the District of Columbia to do such work and the formal hearing in respect thereto required by law as to alley and sidewalk improvements shall not be required as to roadway improvements.

(b) There shall be included in the area the cost of which is assessable hereunder only the roadway area abutting the property between lines normally projected from the building line of the street being improved at the points of intersection with the building lines of intersecting streets.

(c) There shall be excluded from the cost of the roadway work to be assessed hereunder:

(1) The cost of all such work beyond a line 20 feet from the side thereof;

(2) The cost of all such work within the space within which street railway companies are required to pave by law, and nothing herein contained shall be construed as relieving street railway companies from bearing one-half the cost of paving and repairing streets and avenues between lines 2 feet exterior to the outer rails of their tracks, as required by § 9-401.01;

(3) That no frontage of abutting property, on which a legal assessment for paving or repaving has been levied and paid hereunder, shall be liable to any further assessment hereunder on account of the replacement of such pavement.