Code of the District of Columbia

§ 9–806. Contracts for supplies and services.

The Administrator is authorized to contract with any person for the furnishing of supplies or performance of services at or upon the airport necessary or desirable for the proper operation of the airport, including but not limited to, contracts for furnishing food and lodging, sale of aviation fuels, furnishing of aircraft repairs and other aeronautical services, and such other services and supplies as may be necessary or desirable for the traveling public. No such contract, not including contracts involving the construction of permanent buildings or facilities, shall extend for a period of longer than 5 years, except the restaurant. The provisions of § 5 of Title 41, United States Code , shall not apply to contracts authorized under this section, to leases authorized under § 9-805 hereof, or to contracts for architectural or engineering services necessary for the design and planning of the airport.